Volkswagen Oman Organizes Exciting Driving Experiences for Fans

Volkswagen Oman, operated by Premium Motors, recently organized a spectacular driving experience at the Oman Automobile Association showcasing the all-new legendary Golf GTI and Golf R.

Participants explored innovative technology options and marveled at the incredible performance, maneuverability, and aggressive handling of Volkswagen’s most powerful tandem to date. Over 90 participants participated in the event.

According to Christian Nehme, Senior Manager of Premium Motors, the iconic Golf GTI and Golf R wowed auto aficionados with their cool equipment features, exceptional performance, resilience, and flair.

The models stayed true to the participants’ expectations and provided an exceptional adrenaline-filled driving experience. Prospective client engagement is a top goal for Premium Motors and Volkswagen.

The heavily hyped Golf R exceeds all previous Golf R versions with 320 horsepower. Volkswagen researchers developed a brand-new 4MOTION all-wheel drive technology with torque vectoring for the rear wheels to help ensure that power is shared as efficiently as possible.

The all-new Golf R delivers power precisely when and how you need to use it, accelerating to 100km/h in 4.8 seconds. It offers more than enough driving excitement as well as plenty of space for passengers and cargo.

The Golf R is Volkswagen’s premier performance version and the R-most Brand’s most prestigious member. This latest iteration combines speed, accuracy, and power to create driving dynamics unlike any other.

The eighth-generation Golf GTI, on the other hand, has reappeared with technological advances and design cues that maintain the history of economical performance that it has created since its introduction. It is more sporty, dynamic, agile, and intuitive than ever before.

The GTI has a turbocharged engine that produces 245 horsepower. A newly integrated Vehicle Dynamics Manager intelligently maintains the electromechanical moving gear systems, ensuring a new degree of additional performance.

It is packed with cutting-edge technology, including Volkswagen’s most advanced connection and driver automation, reflecting the model’s biggest technological leap forward in its history. Overall, the GTI is a thoroughly modern hatchback with fresh features.

Volkswagen has had a link with the Middle East since the first Beetle was introduced there many years ago. Since then, the brand has developed at an exponential rate.

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