30 April- 02 May 2018 Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre, Muscat, Oman
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Oman’s biggest gathering of professionals from the power sector.

Oman’s Power Sector

Oman Power

The power industry is facing change at a faster pace, than ever before. As policies and technologies change, markets favor the proactive and informed. Oman power is focused on the power industry’s latest research, technical advances, development trends and business strategies, including power plant operations, maintenance, performance, economics and regulatory compliance by broad range of qualified stakeholders

Utilities Sector

Oman’s growing economy, as seen in the stape of large scale infrastructure projects resulting from rapid urban and Industrial expansion, fast-rowing population and change in modern lifestyle, are contributing much to boost demand for power and water. Developing sustainable water and energy supliers and finding innovative sources are critical to the country’s immediate and log-term future, which is high in the government’s agenda. Currently, it is focusing its attention on developing renewable energy on electricity production, boosting investment opportunities and capacity, and implementing big projects.

Utilities Sector
Energy Master Plan

Energy Master Plan

A long-term energy infrastructure master plan, dubbed the Oman Electricity Transmission System Plan (2014-2030), designed by Oman Electricity Transmission Company (OETC), which operates the northern half of the electricity grid, outlines “a well-defined target for harnessing the Sultanate’s prodigious but largely untapped renewable energy resources, chiefly solar and wind power, to help meet the country’s galloping electricity demand, currently averaging 10 per cent annually.”

Based on the government owned Oman Power & Water Procurement Company (OPWP), demand is foreseen to grow by almost 9.5 to 10 percent yearly until 2019.

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